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lower bowel formula herbs by dr. christopher


As a mom, I know that taking care of your family is your top priority, but are you struggling to do it all? Have you ever found it difficult to get out of bed each day? Do you struggle to lose weight? Have you ever had issues with digestion?

Stress, unhealthy eating, chemicals in our environment, food allergies and even our makeup can lead to inflammation.  Inflammation leads to weight gain, autoimmune conditions, hair falling out, hormone issues and so many other problems.

Have you ever wished that you could just lose the extra pounds, gain body confidence and heal yourself with some magic pill?

I don’t have a magic pill, but I am here to help.  I created a detox class that teaches you how to put yourself first while still taking care of those you love.  I teach you how to decrease inflammation, lose weight quickly and get back to your energetic self who has plenty of energy to take care of your family!

First Aid Kit

Have you ever wished you knew just what to do when your child is running a fever and doesn’t feel well without giving them medications?

What if you were camping and your child cuts a finger badly while chopping wood. Would you know what to do and have the items needed to help them?

What if you were at a party with friends and you got a bad stomach ache from the food? What would you do?

I’ve got ya!  My herbal first aid kit not only solves all of these problems, but it small enough to fit in your purse!  

I will teach you how to use each herb to cover about 90% of all problems that come up.  Seriously!  This kit is incredible!

lower bowel formula herbs by dr. christopher