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Iris Analysis with Iris Pictures and Report

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Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! In our 30 minute appointment we will go over:

-Channels of Elimination

-Detoxification Systems

-Endocrine System

-Major Body Structures

-Marked Iris Pictures

-Written Report and Notes


-Follow up Appointment




Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! Have you been feeling stuck? Have you been wanting to improve your health, relationships, or confidence? Being able to "listen" to what your body is saying through your eyes can be powerful.

Your eyes are a window to your soul. I will sit with you and identify your eye color and how your eyes reveal a strong or weak constitution. I will show you how your thoughts are affecting your whole body, your relationships and your ability to function. I will do a basic scan from your brain to your toes, from your digestive system out to your skin.

I will have you meet with me to cover the basics of the iridology charts (this not only helps you understand what I am seeing, but it will help you as you look into your own eyes). I will also have you share with me your health goals and where you feel stuck.  I am here to not only teach you what your body is saying, but to help you find the health path you are wanting to take. 

I will take pictures of your irises or have you take pictures at home.  I will go over every part of your iris in great detail. I will create a written assessment of everything I see.  I include your strengths and weaknesses on a physical and emotional level. Having this reference packet with every detail in it is priceless.  It will be something you refer to for years to come. 

I will include recommendations about supplements or activities you can do to improve your health.

During our appointment I will point out the area of your eye as I discuss it. Seeing your own eye as I go through it creates powerful connections in your brain about what your body is actually saying about you.


***When I am not able to take photos of your eye in person I will need you to take pictures of your own iris. I will send you details on how to do this step.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Know Thyself

Michelle gave me an in depth reading that I can use as a guide to my health and wellness. She pinpointed many areas that need care and provided me with solutions and information to do it. The journey to great health can be tough but with guidance from Ocean Worn, it is very possible!

Wow Doc! Thank you so much for this review! It was truly an honor to work with you! I am excited to hear where your journey takes you! I am sending prayers and well wishes!

Michelle was so patient to teach me

I am totally inexperienced in all things iridology. Michelle was at a retreat with me and took my photos, created an extensive report and then followed up with me to “digest” it all, make sure I understood the information and answer my questions about what this meant going forward. I appreciated the time she took to help me understand my body and health though a approach foreign to me.

So many things about iridology are new to most people. It was an honor to be able to work with you and show you what your eyes are saying!

Lourdes Rojas
So much value and information from a picture!

Michelle knew more from me in a few minutes than most people that "know" me! It's incredible how much information our eyes give us and that we can use for a better life! Michelle over delivers and works with you one-one to explain and give you more than you ever need to become the best you can be. Highly recommend it! Thank you for all your knowledge and for share it with the world.

I have really enjoyed working with you! It always amazes me too with what the eyes are saying. It can be powerful to give your body a voice and to be able to listen to what it is saying.
I was so impressed with all you did to achieve the life of your dreams. I am excited to continue to work with you and to call you my friend!

25% Of Profits Go to Charity

Dignity for Girls is a small, yet powerful charity in South Africa that has a special place in Michelle's heart. When you support us, you are supporting the children!