Why Coaching?


Are you ready to hire a health coach? That’s a great question!

If you want to build a positive and lasting lifestyle change then this is the adventure for you. As your health coach we will work on building confidence and self-awareness, managing and relieving stress, setting healthy sleep patterns, improving nutrition, and creating healthy habits. We’ll be using my signature detox program to help you reset and expand your understanding of your body’s needs so that you can reach your health goals faster than you ever imagined. The truth is that eating whole nutrient-dense foods and making other lifestyle changes can be daunting. That’s why together we will look at the root causes of conditions that are holding you back and create a plan that works for you.

Each hour long appointment will help you identify areas that need to be worked on.  I will teach you skills and give you the tools needed to work through problem areas. I will help you release energy blocks through visualization, energy work and daily habits that help you nor only reach, but be able to celebrate your goals!

I will meet with you once a week for 7 weeks.  This will allow you time to implement the things I am teaching you and allow them to become habits as we move on from week to week. 

Each meeting will be held over zoom.

Here are the six things that you can expect when you hire me to be your health coach:

1. I’ll help you go beyond a resolution – set realistic goals

2. I’ll keep you accountable

3. I’ll also help you see past the mirror and the scales

4. I’ll show you how to improve your confidence

5. I’ll introduce you to mindfulness and other barrier-breaking strategies

6. And I’ll help you achieve positive attainable change through daily victories



It’s no secret that stress levels are at an all-time high. So, many people struggle to cope with life’s demands and slip into bad habits that affect their health, both physical and mental.

There are societal expectations of body image. It’s a landmine from an industry that adds so many chemicals to our food that we ultimately become addicted, then they tell us to be fit, healthy, and perfect. The impact is unrealistic expectations, burn out, and low self-esteem.

Few people seem to know how break free from these mixed messages, disengage from their bad habits, and live a healthier lifestyle. It should be a simple fix, right?

Well, it’s not.

Making significant, long-lasting changes can be extremely difficult without proper guidance and support.

This is exactly where I come in.

As your holistic health coach, I will be examining the larger picture of your life so that we can focus on areas that require self-improvement as it relates to mind, body, and spirit. Together we will focus on the barriers (many times they are interrelated) that are stopping you from achieving longterm results. My 14+ years of successful health coaching tell the story. Let me help you learn new skills and behaviors so that you can reach your highest potential and purpose.

In love and health,


P.S. Most of my clients come to me already knowing what they need to do to create a life of healthy habits. It’s acting on this knowledge and sticking

to those habits that are the challenge. Let’s start taking care YOU now. Let me help you.