Energy and Healing Conference June 23-25

Energy and Healing Conference June 23-25

The eyes really are the window to your soul.  I spent the last few days looking into so many beautiful eyes at the Energy Healing Conference in Ogden, Utah.

I was so amazed at the energy I felt from so many of you as I got the chance to speak about falling in love with a healthy lifestyle.  We cried together as I shared the story of where Oceanworn began.  My little Tali will always be a big part of my heart and mission to bring light and healing into your life.

As I shared the story of how we ended up in Samoa and was miraculously given our little girl I felt such a deep connection to all of you.  My mission became your mission as we all want to do what we can to save the children.  

Thank you for supporting our cause.  Thank you for doing your part to change lives. We can only do this together.  I love you all!



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