Hi, I’m Michelle

also known as Shell. I’m a Master Herbalist, Wellness Coach, and Iridologist. I have one question for you: Are you ready for the happiest wellness adventure of your life?

Healing Happy Method

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Schedule a free 10-minute consultation so that we can discuss your challenges and goals.

The Healing Happy Method® Health & Lifestyle Coaching Session

The Healing Happy Method® Program along with The How to Lose Weight for the Last Time

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Tired of
Dieting Yet?

Stop hurting your body and start healing it now with my new book, How to Release Weight for the Last Time.

Together we will detox using food, mindset, and an herbal protocol that will release all those built-up toxins so that you can rebuild your body’s systems the right way while resetting the code that contributes to:

  • achy joints and muscles or arthritis
  • brain fog, fatigue, and headaches
  • allergies or asthma
  • autoimmune diseases, migraines, and acne
  • irritable bowel, and reflux
  • barriers to weight loss

Shower Routine

Download my free Shower Routine protocol. It is such a simple and loving way to honor your day-to-day efforts by checking in with yourself. Watch this video to see the story behind The Happy Healing Method Shower Routine.

Satisfied Clients


"I appreciate that Michelle is available for questions, whether live in video or on the FB group. I love the tools I have now. It takes discipline to follow the cleanse, but that is much easier with a group and coach."

Alyssa S.

"I have been working in the medical field for years. I have studied so many books on health, but I struggled to lose weight despite having so much information. I knew what I needed to do to diet and exercise, but I struggled to stay motivated. After a 30-minute session with Shell, I was able to pinpoint what has been stopping me from reaching my goals. I have been able to stay consistent with my goals and achieve the health I had been working toward all these years. Thank you!"

Missy P.

"Shells detox was the first one I have ever done. She was so patient answering all of my questions and helping me adjust as needed to get the best experience possible! I used the supplements she recommended, and they definitely work! You're not going to find a more passionate and caring person to guide you through this process. My body felt lighter physically and mentally by the time we were done. I lost 12 lbs and learned so much about myself in the process!"