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The Healing Happy Method

Restorative Clay Detox Mask for Skin Care Health

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Restore and Detox your Skin

Using a clay mask once a week allows your skin to detox toxins from the surface of your skin, to rebalance oils, to deeply cleanse pores, to smooth your skin, and allow it to have a bright and healthy glow!

Our masks are made with only the highest quality ingredients right from the earth.

French Green Clay

French green clay can have anti-aging benefits, plus it helps reduce inflammation and boost circulation.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is made from volcanic ash (cool, right?) and is great for most skin types, especially oily and acne-prone.


Sandalwood is good to soften wrinkles, to soothe acne, repairs damage (like scaring or age spots), improves skin elasticity, and helps overall skin healing.

Here is why I recommend using a clay mask:

  1. Clay masks are made from negatively-charged molecules, and most toxins are made of positively-charged molecules. This means that clay mask molecules bind themselves to toxins deep in your pores, bring them to the surface, and lift them away. When you use clay masks regularly, clogged pores won’t stand a chance. (I recommend leaving the mask on until it is fully dry (20-30 minutes to allow the clay to bind to the toxins deep in your pores).
  2. One clay mask benefit we can all get behind: glowier skin. When dead skin cells accumulate on your skin’s surface it gives your complexion a dull, uneven appearance. Clay masks remove dead skin cells and keep them from accumulating in the first place. The result? An even and brighter complexion!
  3. It fights acne. With breakouts come redness, irritation, and lots of frustration. Applying a clay mask to a new breakouts is not only super soothing and satisfying, it can help remove acne-causing bacteria to get them under control. As it detoxifies your pores, a clay mask removes bacteria to prevent future breakouts, while clearing it from your skin’s surface to prevent it from entering. Whether you’ve got acne-prone skin, or battle the occasional blemish, clay masks can help you see clearer skin days ahead.
  4. It can balance oily skin. Be watchful of your skin type. Our mask is balanced for all skin types, but masks tend to absorb oils, so use the mask as needed. Because of this, if you have dry skin, only use the mask on your T-zones, and avoid your cheeks, eyes and lips. Use once a month.
  5. Clay Masks boost circulation. Clay masks, can help boost blood circulation beneath your skin, and supports oxygen circulation to your skin cells. This helps your skin heal and regenerate, improves collagen production, and gives it a brighter, more youthful appearance.
  6. It reduces pore size. Pores can appear larger than usual (especially when they’re clogged), which can make your skin feel less smooth. One benefit we love is clay’s ability to tone up your pores and refine them.

Customer Reviews

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It really works!

The redness I had on my skin before using the mask is now gone. This mask really does detox the skin-wow! A part of my forehead was tingly where I had a breakout and didn't even know. It reduced the appearance of both breakouts, and my skin looks really soft and supple.

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