The Healing Happy Story

Shell Gilbert Glowing Skin

Hi, I’m Shell.

My journey to create a natural skin care line started when the squash I had just removed from the oven, exploded all over my face and chest in 2007.

The doctors told me that I would be scared for the rest of my life.

I dove into research on how to heal my skin.  I went from studying to be a doctor to becoming a Master Herbalist. I was applying all that I was learning to heal my skin. I learned about toxins, chemicals, and false advertising. I learned about the microbiome, products that healed the skin, and what not to do.

As I applied this knowledge, I was able to heal my burns.

Fast forward 16 years to me having more beautiful skin than I did before my accident. 

My only wish would be that I would have had the confidence to take pictures of the burns and scaring that I had. I did take 2 pictures, but those pictures are on a phone that was ruined when it fell in water.

I wish I could go back in time to tell the part of me that was ashamed, that I would not only heal, but that I would have the chance to use my experience to help other people to heal too.

Today, hundreds of faces have healed by using my skin care program. When you learn foundational principles of the skin's natural microbiome and allowing it to protect the skin, your skin will heal.  It is that simple.

Part of my healing journey has been to give back to those in need.  I was able to do missionary work in Madagascar, South Africa and Botswana.  I had a personal experience of trying to adopt a child while living in Samoa, but ended up fighting sex trafficking once I was made aware of it. These children continue to be my driving mission for doing what I do.

That’s why we give 5% of our profits back to these beautiful children through a charity called Dignity for Girls.

This is a small, yet powerful charity in South Africa is currently collecting blankets and sanitary pads for young women who recently lost everything due to the horrific floods that washed away everything that they owned, even their homes. This organization is in desperate need of blankets. Let's help keep them warm!

When you support us, you are supporting the children.

The Healing Happy Method® (formerly known as Ocean Worn) is a company committed to helping you find safe products to fit your healthy lifestyle. We are here to cheer you on, support your healing journey, and help you find tips to create healthy habits in simple ways.



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