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Hi! My name is Michelle (Shell), and I've been involved in the healing world for over 30 years. I am a mom to 3 wonderful boys and a sweet little girl.

I think the best part of my story was my messy beginning. I have always been drawn to healing. My desire to become a doctor was always part of who I am. I became a CNA in High School. I worked 40 hours a week to pay my way through college. I worked at a natural herb store where I really grew to love natural healing products. I worked in private and public health care services and hospitals. I became a Phlebotomist, and received my degree in Science.

I was also an entrepreneur at heart. I got into a few businesses like Mary Kay, Doterra, and Young Living. I enjoy sharing products I love.

It wasn't until squash exploded in my face in February of 2007, that I really dove into natural healing. Doctors told me that my scars would never heal, so I decided to go on a journey to find a way to naturally heal my skin.

I researched products, I enrolled in The School of Natural Healing. I became a Master Herbalist. I received my degree in Science, I became a Holistic Iridologist and opened up my own business all while working through my own health issues, and raising a very colicky baby.

After growing a successful small business, my second pregnancy got the worst of me once again (I was diagnosed with HCG- which basically meant I threw up a lot). I took a break from my business to heal and raise my 3 boys.

I lived a very healthy lifestyle and life felt pretty incredible. My husband and I decided to follow our dreams and live on a beach, so we picked up our family and moved to the beautiful island of Samoa.

After living on the island for 2 months, we were given an incredible opportunity to possibly adopt a baby girl. When we met Tali, she was 10 days old and living in a victim support shelter. Her mother was 11-13 years old, and had been raped by her father. This little girl had no one to take care of her over Christmas, so we brought her home. We had hoped to adopt our Tali after just a few short weeks of having her in our home, but when we found out that the shelter was trying to have us illegally buy our baby, we fought back. Our Tali was taken from us, but we were able to fight the child trafficking laws of Samoa, and bring freedom and hope to many families. The downside was that we never got to see our Tali again.

When we brought Tali home, we didn't know that she had a staph infection. This staph infection was spread to Michelle's hands.  After the shelter took Tali back, I contacted dengue fever, and the staph infection spread to Michelle's entire body. 

My husband and I love to travel, but it was while living in Samoa that I contacted a staph infection and dengue fever. It was through healing these conditions that I learned more about Energy work and how emotions are connected to physical illness.

I was diagnosed in 2011 with Hashimoto's. This led me to create a healing program that helped me heal, and when asked about what I did, I would share my protocols. This led me to write my book on how to detox and heal the body. As I started to share more of my healing tips and habits, people would want to try them. This led me to sell my shower diffuser and healing shower routine under the business name Oceanworn. This company was later rebranded to become The Healing Happy Method.

What fills my heart is watching other people change their current situation, have success and live a healthy life that they dreamed about.

After many years of trial and error, Michelle was able to create a skin care method that healed her scars. People were so impressed with her results, that they wanted to try the products for themselves.  This is how the Healing Happy Skin care system was born. 

I am currently offering products to support your healing journey, and a FREE online class each month that comes with a box of natural healing products to support you on your healing journey.

So welcome! Share this group with anyone, and I'm so glad your here!


We give up to 25% of proceeds back to helping the children. We are currently supporting a charity called "Giving Dignity to Girls". This is a small charity in South Africa, where Michelle did missionary work, that is currently collecting blankets and sanitary pads for young women who recently lost everything due to the horrific floods that washed away their homes and all that they had. They are in desperate need of blankets. Let's help keep them warm! When you support us, you are supporting the children.

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