Find Yourself Again

Find Yourself Again

The last few weeks have been full of changes and updates so that you can have the greatest healing experience possible. To thank you for sticking around I want to share with you some amazing gifts.

First, I have a FREE pdf that you are going to want to download.  It has the power to change your life.

Let me tell you about what myself and others have been going through during the last few years in our journey to find ourselves and reclaim our health.

Having children is a miraculous experience, but in the process of raising and loving your little ones have your forgotten to love take care of yourself?

For me it was 5 years ago that I found myself depressed and hating my body after I had my 4th baby.

At this point I had been a Master Herbalist and Natural Healer for over 10 years, and I knew all of the natural protocols for depression, but I couldn't pull myself from the darkness. 

I found myself crying in the shower daily because the shower was the only place I could be alone.


You see, I created an essential oil diffuser for the shower to help my son breathe better when he got a cold, but I started adding oil to the diffuser because I

needed a way to breathe through the stresses of life.

As I started "breathing" again I was not only able to heal, but I was able to find strength and joy once again as a woman, as a wife and as a mother.  I was able to find ME through using my shower as a TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING SANCTUARY!

Are you ready to reclaim your health and find YOU again by taking all of the feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm and transforming them into feelings of acceptance, confidence, self-love and forgiveness?

And as you adopt this routine you will learn to show up as the wife and mother you have always wanted to be!

 So, here I am, your holistic health coach and light guide helping you see that the simplest way to self-love and reclaiming your power is by adopting this Transformational Shower Experience.

The best part is that you can learn how to transform a shower into a Healing Sanctuary for FREE!  Just click on the link to download steps you can do each day to take you from exhausted to vibrant.

 Also, the ARISE SUMMIT is just one week away!  I am so excited to share with all of you how to step into the mom and woman that you have been wanting to be.

 If you haven’t registered for this FREE online event yet, please take a moment and do

so. Your future self will be so grateful you did!

 The ARISE Summit: Restored, Healing Connection is March 9-11th, 2023.

 Event Times:

            Thurs 10-Noon MDT - Kickoff

            Friday 10-2 + 6-8pm MDT

            Saturday 6-8pm MDT - VIP Event

(Register for FREE here)


Cristine Price, Ph.D. has created the ARISE Summit. Restored Healing Connection runs from March 9-11. March 11th is reserved for the VIP Event. You will have the opportunity to learn from the following Premier Speakers:


  • A Godly Walk and Conversation – Tamara Laing, MRET, Author and Energy Healing Pioneer (Thurs, March 9th @ 11am MDT)
  • Healing Challenging Relationships - Kathy Truman, Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor (Fri, March 10 @ 6:30pm MDT)
  • Mindfulness for Attachment & Regulation – Samantha Akers, Certified Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher (Fri, March 10 @ 11am MDT)
  • How to Allow your Teen to Naviage Identity without Getting Lost – Susan Campbell, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Arise Like the Lotus - Guided Meditation – Janet Pippin, Transformation Coach and Reiki Master (Fri, March 10 @ 10am MDT)
  • Self-Care Routine to Raise Your Frequency – Michelle Gilbert, Author, Master Herbalist, Holistic Iridologist


And MORE Conscious CommUnity Leaders!

Even if you can’t attend live, you’ll get free access to the digital library for

the whole event when you register.


PLUS… 10 of those who register will get a

FREE Frequency Assessment!


Take a moment to view the VIP details

On Saturday the 11th of March Cristine Price, Ph.D. will lead you through the Frequency Model of progression in five life areas. She will share the secrets to create your QUANTUM SHIFT! You will also receive an exclusive copy of  A Ladder of Love for the First Awakening

So much time and effort has already gone into putting together such a POWERFUL online event.  We have created the space where leaders in the fields of Energy Medicine, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Energy Psychology, and much more will uplift you, teach you, and open doors to new solutions. It’s time to LEVEL-UP and heal your connections - to yourself, your body, your spiritual source and more.

The higher-frequency you is ready when you are…choose the next level.

Register Here


The last thing I want to give you for free are tickets to the largest Energy Healing Conference.  I will be teaching my Herbal First Aid Kit class. If you know anyone in the Idaho Falls, Idaho area come and join me for this incredible event!

I am getting so excited for the big conference on March 11! Come join me as I teach Herbal First Aid for Families at 2:00 pm.

I am also excited to share how the most important "first aid" will be the healing you give to yourself. I created the most life-changing routine that transforms stressed out moms that just don't feel like themselves anymore (and we all know that the peanut butter in their hair isn't helping anyone), to women who radiate confidence, who find joy in motherhood, and who can stand strong emotionally when life get's difficult. Plus, it takes no additional time out of your day. Don't you love that we get to help people find who they are once again?

I am so excited to see you all in person. Come and give me a big hug (seriously) and introduce yourself if we haven't already met. I will see you next week!

Woot Woot!!


Don't forget to get a free ticket!!


Get Tickets Here
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