Garlic Skin Test

Garlic Skin Test

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It is responsible for protecting your body AND removing toxins.  We often think that our skin is like thick armor to protect our inner organs, but it is actually the opposite.

Your skin is actually porous. It allows things in and out of it.  Just below the top layer of your skin is a network of tiny blood vessels used to transport blood, exchange nutrients, and to give oxygen to the skin. 

Because the blood vessels are so close to the surface of your skin, toxins that are put on your skin go right into the blood system and immediately circulate around your body. 

When I say that your body absorbs the toxins put on your skin, I am not talking about the typical "dangerous chemicals".  I am talking about your body lotions (do you know what all of the ingredients are and do?), make-up, sunscreen, etc...

You see, when you put lotion on your skin that is full of unknown ingredients, what you are actually doing is placing toxic ingredients on to your skin that immediately get absorbed into your blood stream and then spread throughout your entire body.


Don't believe me?  Try the garlic skin test!


  1. Step on half of a clove of fresh garlic (make sure your are stepping barefoot on the cut surface of the garlic)
  2. Stay standing on the garlic for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  3. Stand on the garlic until you start noticing the taste of garlic in your mouth
  4. You can now remove the garlic and clean up your foot.

Our skin is so absorbent that in 1 minute your body can circulate the garlic taste from your foot to your mouth!

Yes, the chemicals you put on your skin matter.  Those chemicals cause problems such as:

  • Cancer
  • Hormone Disruptions
  • Reproductive Issues
  • Birth Defects
  • Lowered Immune Health
  • Liver and Kidney Damage
  • Gut Inflammation
  • Organ System Toxicity
  • And so much more damage

For a more comprehensive list of toxic chemicals and the problems they cause, go here...

So, next time you reach for your shampoo, deodorant or tooth paste, look at the ingredient list. My rule of thumb is that if I don't know what it is and what it does, don't use it. Actually, I try to only put things on my skin that I would eat!

Now go and try the garlic skin test today!




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