Herbal First Aid Kit Series | Lavender and Chamomile

Herbal First Aid Kit Series | Lavender and Chamomile

Herbal First Aid Kit Series | Lavender and Chamomile

Welcome to the Herbal First Aid Kit series! Here, we’ll talk about different herbs and how they can help you in a first aid setting. All the herbs I mention in this series can be found in my Herbal First Aid Kit. Today we’re going to talk about lavender and chamomile.


Uses of lavender essential oils

Lavender is super amazing. Lavender is really good for reducing anxiety. 

I recommend having fresh lavender as some type of oil. A lot of people when they get these roller bottles ask me, how do I use them? So I really recommend putting it where you can smell it first of all. Always put it behind your ears. But for lavender specifically you want to put it right on your vagus nerve. It’s just below your collarbone. It’s really good for reducing anxiety and calming the system. 

For most instances with first aid, a lot of people go into shock. 

Even if it’s just a little cut on your child’s knee, their body still reacts in a type of shock. You see them cry or kind of curl up a little bit. It’s always good to try to calm them down before you do any other first aid; especially, if they’re bleeding or it was something a little traumatic. When my daughter Ari cut her eye when we were in Mexico we had to immediately stop the bleeding, but when I used the lavender on her she fell asleep in my arms before the medics even came. It’s an amazing way to calm people down.

It can also work as a bug repellent if needed. It can help headaches. It really is good for scarring. I always put it on wounds if I have any fear of an infection coming up. I don’t use things like neosporin so this is a really good way to stop any infections. Make sure the wound is always clean first. 

Did you know lavender helps with hair loss? I use it in my eyelash boosting formula and I used it to regrow my hair after I had kids. It helps. I recommend using it with something like rosemary or cedar wood, but it does help with hair growth. 

It’s also good for breathing. It can clear your sinuses if you get congested. So colds and things like that. It boosts your immune system. So, even if you’re brave and want to drink lavender tea, it’s really good when you’re sick.

I’ve used lavender on my son for dandruff. For dry skin, on your hands if they’re itchy and crackly. Sometimes that happens with people with eczema, but you can just roll it onto those wounds and it helps with that.


Uses of chamomile

Chamomile is really great for helping with a fever and staying calm at the same time. 

When my kids were little I would put Chamomile in littler sippy cups if they couldn’t sleep or had tummy aches or anxiety. You can also put it in a bag and have your kids take a bath in it.

 Chamomile is another good herb for burns. 

I have my kids drink it when it’s growing in the spring to detox your liver. It’s a really good mood lifter. So if your kids get depressed or feel sad for an extended period of time, it’s really good to have them drink chamomile. 

It’s a really good stomach soother. So, if they get gas pain or constipation, colic, anything like that, chamomile is great. It’s even good for adults who get ulcers or if they get cankers in their mouth or anything like that, have them drink chamomile tea. 

In my first aid kit I kept it in flower form because it is better as a tea, but if you ever need to use it, you can just put it in water and mix up the flowers and put it on the skin too, to help with irritated skin. 


That’s how to use lavender and chamomile in a first aid setting. If you would like to have these herbs in your first aid kit, go ahead and head over to our store and look for our Herbal First Aid Kit! It’s a great way to care for you and your friends and family in a first aid setting in a holistic and natural way.

Herbal First Aid Kit

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