How I got off the dieting roller coaster for good!

How I got off the dieting roller coaster for good!

My 10 year old self didn't understand what it mean to diet, and yet that is just what I did.  It started with a cabbage soup diet, and moved from one diet to the next. 

I even ordered exercise programs like Windsor Pilates and Beach Body (leave me a👍 if you ordered these too). I would watch infomercials and feel that if I could only purchase the next exercise machine that I could have the body of my dreams- I am serious! I was sold!

I felt that I was only lacking willpower, and if I was mean enough to myself, I could force myself to stay committed longer and finally have freedom around my weight.

This carried on through my teenage years. Nothing I ever tried worked. 

I was then called to serve a mission to Madagascar.  I thought that the the endless walking and living off of mostly fruits and vegetables would be the answer. Wrong again!

I continued this pattern through adulthood.  I would lose weight so that I could get married, I would lose weight so I could have a baby, I would lose weight for the next vacation, and I would lose the weight once the baby was born. It was an endless mental cycle. 

The worst part- I wasn't ever that overweight!  Sure, I didn't weigh 100 pounds like I had always wanted, but at my heaviest I was only around 155 pounds.  It was definitely not worth all of the stress and pain that I was causing myself to lose those few pounds in order to feel like I was enough.

I was in an endless war that had no end in sight. 

I find myself in tears as I write this.  It hurts deeply as I relive so many years of pain.

If you have found yourself relating to this pain cycle, I invite you to hear the rest of my story.

Once I found natural healing, I thought I could end my battles against myself, but I was wrong.  Eating healthy was only half of the battle. I realized that if the mental pain was wasn't addressed, true and lasting healing would never happen. 

Once I knew about natural healing I started trying to lose weight around detoxing.  I found that so much of it was just a twist to dieting, but this time I would try to starve myself thin.  It was just a twist to my old way of life, but with a higher price tag because I now how to buy all of these expensive supplements.

That was until I received divine help after years of studying to create my own detox program.  And do you know what? It actually worked for me- on an emotional and physical level that brought real healing.

I was finally able to get to the root cause of inflammation and finally learn how to heal it.  That doesn't mean that inflammation will never happen again, but it means you will have the tools needed to heal it.

I want to share this information with you so that you can finally get off of the detoxing roller coaster and find healing and happiness for yourself! 

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