How To Heal Fevers Naturally

How To Heal Fevers Naturally

DON'T STOP A FEVER! A fever a way for your body to burn off invaders, and to get rid of toxins easily.  Stopping a fever can actually allow the sickness to be harder for your body to get rid of. 

You want to work with your body.  Help the body to burn off toxins and invaders by increasing the heat of your body. As you increase the heat of your body (by getting into a hot bath or shower) you are creating what we call a "wet fever". You never want to create a "dry fever" without water because that is where fevers can cause damage. With a wet fever, you will want to stay in the water and drink a lot of fluids-like as many fluids as possible. 

I am going to make a few suggestions hoping that you already know the basics of using herbs. If you don't have any herbs on hand, I recommend my herbal first aid kit. It has all you need for basic herbal medicine.

If you feel a fever or sickness coming on, start flushing out your bowels. Use prune juice, celery juice, or Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula.

Get into a very hot bath or shower. Use my diffuser with Eucalyptus oil on it to keep the airways open.

Drink Yarrow tea, or any warm teas that you have (chamomile or peppermint works too). Just stay hydrated.

You can add Epsom Salts to the bath to help pull toxins. If you have my detox face mask, you can also add a tablespoon of that to the water.

You want to sweat, but continue to drink as much as you can. Stay in the water for at least an hour if possible. When you get out, you can wrap up in a cold sheet or cold socks. I like to add garlic oil (fresh garlic sautéed in olive oil) on the bottom of the feet and on the chest. I add Dr. Christopher's Sen Sei rub to the chest to help keep the airways open.

Internally, drink cayenne pepper (I like to make lemon, honey and cayenne pepper in warm water and drink it). Cayenne has the ability to get the blood circulating, and that helps the immune system by delivering its little "army" where they are needed.

Drink echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry, or anything to boost your immune system. If it is viral, use olive leaf powder.

Then try to rest. If you don't feel better after this process, repeat it until you do. If you feel like mucus is overly forming in the lungs, try an onion poultice until the mucus is gone.

Happy Healing!


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