Natural Detoxing - The Chocolate Cake Study

Natural Detoxing - The Chocolate Cake Study

Natural Detox Chocolate Cake

I’ve been doing a lot of eye readings lately, which has been super fun to connect with people. I’ve really loved it but I had no idea how many people were wanting help with detoxing and starting to get their energy levels back. They wanted to know how to get into herbs, what to eat, what supplements to take, how to take them, and things to do with food allergies.

I have had so many people have questions about which diet I should do and how to do it. So I have been creating a class that I’m going to be teaching and focusing on. There’s so many people wanting to know more. So I’m creating a little group of people that want to support each other with recipes and healing ideas. 

You might have tried some of the herbal protocols that I recommend for detoxing. I have Dr. Christopher’s herbal cleansing kit that I highly recommend. I have recipes, herbal suggestions, things that I’ll dive into more like what herbs and oils you should take on a daily basis. I’ll let you know what food to eat, what food not to eat, how much of certain things you want to eat. People ask me all the time, should I eat meat, should I not. All of that will be covered in this.

I want to be there personally for people, and you’ll have a group, a place to go for all the recipes and herbal suggestions. 

What this is about is breathing this life force energy, bringing back vitally and healing and light. I’ve been on all spectrums with healing and health. When I first started my herbal journey. It was so easy for me to cut out all the things and bring in the herbs because it was just my husband and I and our young son. My son was six months old so he didn’t care what we ate. We got rid of all the garbage and it was super easy.

Now that I’ve been living it for 15 years and have teenagers it’s different and I know how hard it can be to live in the real world with all these different pressures like going out to eat and parties and things like that. 

I will really start diving into what is healing and what’s not. 

There was a study done years ago where they took people in and had them look at a piece of chocolate cake and they analyzed what happened to them when they had this cake sitting in front of them. 

Some people saw the cake and they said they could eat it if they wanted but they didn’t have to. 

Some looked at the cake and they thought “this looks so good. I love chocolate cake so much. I am going to eat that and enjoy it.” When they would go and eat the chocolate cake and feel really good and they would leave. 

Other people would come in and they’d look at that cake and think “Wow that chocolate cake looks amazing but I’m allergic to chocolate cake, or if I eat that I’m going to get fat, or sugar isn’t good for me. But I really want it and I’m really hungry and I wish I could eat it but I can’t.”

Then the final group of people were the people that saw the chocolate cake, they were super excited about it. They knew they shouldn’t eat it. They knew it wouldn’t make them feel well, but they ate it anyway.

So the scientists put together all these studies about this chocolate cake and what they found was the people that came in and ate the cake and fully enjoyed it found a lot of healing energy from it and it was actually helpful for their bodies. It made them feel good and brought up their endorphin levels, it was able to digest well and made them feel better.

The people that went in and wanted to eat the cake but didn’t were actually the group that had the worst energy and benefits from this. It wasn’t beneficial in any way. It was actually destructive for their body to look at this cake and want it but not eat it. So in the energy level chart it was down in the feelings of guilt and shame and regret and totally took away their energy. 

And then the people that wanted the cake and ate it but had a lot of negative feelings about it also had a lot of negative energy scale because they had some similar feelings of regret and wanting to eat it but then punishing themselves. 

So in the end, the chocolate cake wasn’t the problem. It was what they put into the chocolate cake. The negative feelings and the shame and how they were able to digest it because of the energy they were putting around the cake. 

I love to dive in and teach people about creating healing energy around food. I have dealt with food allergies and really strict and controlled eating, and things like that were not healing. When I was eating I didn’t always get the healing benefits from it because I was sad and felt isolated because I couldn’t eat what other people were eating and it made me regret the things that I was doing. I didn’t find any joy in it, but I did it because it was supposed to be healthy. 

Part of my program is not to push people into a healthy eating plan that they will hate and find no joy in and feel like they have to do this to get healthy. I really want people to start finding light and joy and healing benefits from food, from herbs, from supplements.

The author of that study was Masaru Emoto. He also did studies on the healing power of water and the structure of water can be very healing and beautiful and look like a snowflake. When you put positive thoughts and intentions around it, that water can be a structural healing pattern that when you take it into your body it will build healthy tissue. But if you put words like “I hate you” and anger and things like that it will be a negative type response in your body. Your body won’t use it in a healing energetic way.

If you breathe in that gratitude though, and the light and love around it, it can be very healing and beneficial. Just like that cake, when you would eat it and you had all the regret and hate around it because it was full of sugar and negative things then it wasn’t a healing thing for the body.

Have you ever tried a natural detox before? How did it go? Did you struggle with wanting the cake but not having it? Let us know!
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