Neroli Oil And Why It's Worth the Extra Cost

Neroli Oil And Why It's Worth the Extra Cost

Neroli is an essential oil that is sourced from the flowers on a bitter orange tree most commonly grown in Africa. It takes around 1,000 blossoms to product 1 pound of neroli, which explains its often steep price tag. Each flower needs to be hand-picked and processed as soon as possible to avoid bruising.  There is so much time and healing energy that goes into processing each bottle of Neroli oil.

It'd hard to describe the scent of neroli until you try it for yourself. It's pungent and intoxicating with delicate floral notes with a whiff of citrus and honey. The scent is perfectly balanced which makes sense since the oil itself is known for having a balancing effect on those who wear it. 

According to some sources, this oil was first made famous by an Italian duchess in the 17th century who would douse herself in it. Her scent became so well known that she was dubbed "Princess Nerola". As you wash your face with this oil, I invite you to breathe in the aroma and allow the scents to soothe your nerves and lift your moods (because those are also healing benefits of Neroli).

Today we know more about neroli than ever before, including the wide-ranging effects it can have on the psyche. It can help ease stress, calm nerves and quiet the mind, and don't us momma's need this extra healing and relaxation as we wash our face?

Neroli also has the ability to balance the endocrine system. It is great for women of all ages. It can aid in mensuration, help with menopause, and balance the endocrine system. Just by smelling the oils, you can receive these benefits. 

But beyond the spirit, neroli has properties that are crucial to keeping your skin glowing and healthy. 

  • Boosts cell regrowth on the skin's surface
  • Helps combat acne by being antimicrobial, an antioxidant and antifungal
  • Treats uneven skin conditions and rashes
  • Anti-scarring properties help diminish scars, stretch marks and uneven tone
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Balances oils on the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles, scars and stretch marks

It's easy to convince people to give neroli a try. We use it in our Remove Cleanser to not only remove make-up and dirt, but to regenerate the skin at a cellular level.



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