Regrow your hair

Regrow your hair

How to Regrow your Hair

It was about 12 years ago that my hair started really falling out. I was diagnosed with Hashimotoes Thyroiditis, and I was devested more about the hair loss than I was about the diagnosis. I didn't want to live with no hair. It just didn't settle with me.
I dove into researching the best ways to regrow your hair. I really increased my intake of green foods. I used a lot of scalp massage to stimulate blood flow (blood brings life and energy to heal), and I started a routine for deeply conditioning my hair to nourish it, to stop hair loss, and to stimulate hair growth.
And do you know what? After a few weeks I really started to notice a difference! It was small at first, but I started to notice lots of little hairs growing around my face. Within a few months, my hair was filling in and looking so much better.
I had to repeat this routine after every baby I had. When my hair would start falling out, I would have hope because I knew that I could use this recipe to regrow my hair.
If you have ever lost your hair, you know the trauma. It was deeply heartbreaking. I struggled with my self-esteem. I only wanted to wear hats, and felt so much shame around my hair.
I am so grateful for this routine. It literally changed my life! Today my hair is mostly back to where it was before I had my kids. I still don't have the hair I once had, but it is at a place that brings me joy and helps me feel like myself once again.
I only created 15 bottles of my hair growth essential oil blend for the first few customers who are willing to give it a try. It is only $14.99, but like I said, I only have a few bottles for sale at this price, so get them before they are gone!

Here is my recipe  to deeply condition and regrow my hair:

-Add 1/4 c of castor oil
-add 5-10 drops of cedarwood essential oil (to promote hair growth, balance oil producing glands, and helps with dandruff)
-add 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil (to speed up hair growth and improve scalp health)
-add 2-5 drops of rosemary essential oil (to prevent hair loss, improve circulation, and prevent premature graying)
Pat and rub the oil directly into your scalp and ends. Try to let your hair sit in the sunshine for 30 minutes to an hour. Wash your hair twice and condition as usual.
Go here to watch me make this recipe and put it in my hair. I do recommend wearing an old shirt while doing this so that the castor oil doesn't ruin your nice clothes.
If you are struggling with hair issues, try this treatment once a week.
If you are maintaining the health of your hair, do it once a month.
If you are often swimming and your hair is dry, try doing it two times a month.
And if you also have dandruff, try adding these tips to your daily routine for healthy, beautiful hair.
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