The Benefits of Dry Brushing (and how to do it)

The Benefits of Dry Brushing (and how to do it)

Dry brushing has been around for centuries, but it has recently become a new fad in the natural healing world.

Despite the buzz going around about this old technique, there is some confusion about:

  1. Why you would use a dry brush?
  2. When do you use a dry brush?
  3. What are the benefits of dry brushing?
  4. How do you dry brush?

This simple, inexpensive, and powerful habit only takes about 2 minutes to do, and yet the benefits are proven to boost your beauty + wellness in your entire body!

Let's look a little deeper into dry brushing...

Finding your brush

Not all dry brushes are created equal. Here are some things to look for:

  1. Find a brush with all natural bristles from quality sisal fibers or palms.
  2. Make sure it is made with natural materials like wood or bamboo for the handles.
  3. Find a brush that is gentle enough not to damage the skin, but strong enough to give you some gentle pressure to use as an exfoliation.
  4. Find a brush that is specifically designed for the face OR the body.  

To purchase high-quality and effective dry brushes, go here:

Benefits of Dry Brushing

1- Increases Circulation

Blood flow, or circulation, is the life force within us.  The better the circulation, the better your health will be.

Your circulatory system is the pathway that supplies vital nutrients + oxygen to every part of your body.

Your lymphatic system runs alongside the circulatory system.  It is the garbage system of the body.  Increasing circulation in these systems only benefits your body!

Your skin is your largest organ in your body, but it is also the last to receive nutrients that may be more important to other organs. As you dry brush, you bring blood flow to the skin. Blood is full of nutrients, and through dry brushing, you actually nourish the skin. 

Nourished skin = radiant skin!

2- Dry Brushing = Gentle Exfoliation

When it comes to dry brushing, gentle, light strokes with your natural bristle brush, are all you need for healthier, softer, and glowing skin.

You won't need aggressive, or abrasive exfoliants (that can honestly be doing more damage than good) if you are using a dry brush.

When you dry brush, you are supporting your body's natural healing capabilities as you encourage blood flow and natural cell replacement.

As you remove the top layer of dead skin cells through dry brushing, you will improve your skin's texture, tone, and ability to absorb and hold on to moisture. If you are not removing this layer in a healthy way, you may be putting moisturizer on dry, dead skin cells which do not allow the moisture to go deeper where it can heal and hydrate new cells (remember my lesson on only adding ingredients to your skin that you would also put in your mouth. Don't add additional strain on your skin by blocking it's healing abilities with toxins).

Once you remove the old, dead skin cells, moisture is able to be absorbed and used better by the body. This results in soft, glowing, and healthy skin!

Another benefit of dry brushing is that you don't destroy the skin's natural microbiome (healthy oils and bacteria that are there to protect your skin). If you remove or irritate this natural barrier, you no longer have the ability to lock in good moisture and to keep out the bad bacterial

Dry brushing works with your skin, not against it!

3- Dry Brushing Helps Detoxify the Body + Improves Lymphatic Drainage

Remember that your lymphatic system is the garbage system in your body. Your lymphatic system helps provide immunity against disease, but when it is blocked, it can cause toxic buildup in your tissues.  This buildup leads to issues like blemishes, rashes, irritations and other skin conditions. Proper lymphatic drainage is essential for radian skin, a healthy body, and a healthy mental state. This is why I recommend dry brushing as part of my 6 week detox program.

As you gently dry brush, you are flushing out toxins, clearing pores, opening up your ability to remove toxins through sweat, and allowing better regeneration of tissues. As you implement this practice you will notice:

  • A strengthened immune system
  • Less sickness
  • Increased energy
  • Fewer scars, areas of discoloration and healing of damaged skin
  • Less sensitivity

After just one session of dry brushing you will notice more radiant skin, a healthy detox of toxins, and a feeling of greater energy.

4- Dry Brushing Improves Appearance of your Skin

As you remove old, dead skin cells, your skin will naturally radiate as younger skin appears, but did you also know that it can reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Dry brushing is believed to soften the fat deposits below the skin's surface. This allows your body to redistribute the fat and reduces the appearance of cellulite. 

Natural exfoliation also increases the natural production of collagen and allows the skin to rebuild healthier and stronger. This allows your skin to look more full and healthy without the need of Botox!

5- Dry Brushing Supports Fascia

The fascia is a layer of connective tissue that runs throughout your entire body and holds everything together. This fascia can develop "knots" that can cause discomfort. The gentle massage-like motions of dry brushing gently stimulates the tissue and allows the body to work out tension. 

6- Dry Brushing Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Your parasympathetic nervous system brings your body into balance when you get stressed, anxious or scared. This means that dry brushing does more than just benefiting your skin- it affects the state of your heart, mind and soul.

As you dry brush your skin you are creating gentle, rhythmic motions throughout your body that lull you into a more relaxed state by activating the vagus nerve.

The Vagus nerve goes through your body and send signals (good and bad) to the brain. When you stimulate this nerve with dry brushing, you send positive, calming signals to your brain and throughout your whole body.


How to Dry Brush

  • Dry brush your skin while it is dry- preferably before you shower!
  • When in doubt, dry brush towards your heart.
  • Shower after you dry brush to wash away any dead skin cells and bacteria.
  • Keep your brush clean by washing it 1-2 times a week with gentle, natural soap. Allow the brush to dry by keeping the bristles down  on the surface.
  • Be very gentle as you dry brush over sensitive areas.  If you have varicose veins, go around them until your skin starts to heal.
  • Dry brush your face 6 days a week.
  • Dry brush your body 2-6 days a week.

Make sure that you dry brush your body too!  For a laminated full-body dry brushing chart, go here.

Healing is easier when your body easily removes toxins through the lymphatic system.  For a healthier body, start your daily habit of dry brushing today!

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