What to do if you have anxiety?

What to do if you have anxiety?

Anxiety has been something I have struggled with most of my life.  I spent a lot of money and time trying to "fix" it. Nothing worked for me.

It wasn't until I was having my 4th child that I found understanding about what would actually help me with anxiety.

You see, I had tried hypnosis with my other labors and it didn't work.  I just couldn't "ignore" the pain that I was in.

I had major anxiety about labor when I found out about my surprise 4th pregnancy.  I struggled for 8 months with how I would deal with the pain of labor.  I had a realization one day that if I just acknowledged the purpose of the pain, that I could probably handle it better.

This worked so well for me!

I have since learned to give a voice to how I am really feeling and work with that emotion as a clue to what my body is needing.

If I feel as if something is unfair, I tell myself that things feel unfair and I don't like it. Sometimes I will punch a pillow, I will see if I feel anger, or hurt that can also be associated with unfairness.  Then I listen to what my body is needing. Am I needing a voice? Am I needing self-care? It is in asking these questions that give me the answers to how I can heal.

The shower is a place for me to acknowledge any emotional of physical pain I am feeling. I release stress in the car, and I use my roller bottle for moments where I am feeling weak.

If you struggle with anxiety, please email me for more details or support if needed.

My anxiety kit includes a shower diffuser, a car diffuser, an anxiety roller bottle and a 15 ml bottle of essential oil (you get to choose your oil!), or a combination of 3 smaller bottles of oil (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus).

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