Why I got rid of using Soap

Why I got rid of using Soap

Why I got rid of Soap!

Typical soap can contain many toxic chemicals, and when you use it on your skin, it also strips away your skin's natural protective layer (your microbiome) and the skins natural oils like sebum.

This leaves your skin vulnerable and more prone to bacteria , dry skin, acne, and rashes.  

After burning my face when "squash bombs" exploded on my skin, I was able to create a cleansing system that not only leaves your microbiome in place, but it allows your skin to heal. 

"You created a healing skin care system that is actually

Medicine for your Face!"

Youthful, glowing skin, isn’t just

for the young and famous, it’s for YOU!


History of Oil Cleansing

Did you know that civilizations, like the Egyptians, used olive oil with beeswax to cleanse and moisturize their bodies.

Cleopatra is known for this method, so each time you wash your face with oil you are stepping into your ROYALTY!

Does it work?

Seventeen years ago when I had squash blow up in my face, I was told by doctors that I would forever carry the scars from those burns, but through divine guidance and so much research, I came up with this "medicine for your face" skin care that not only healed my face, but has healed hundreds of other faces too!

How do I use it?

Oil cleansing is similar to washing your face with soap, but instead of washing away all of your natural oils and microbiome, you only wash away the dirt and bacteria.

This allows your skin to act as a protective barrier like it should. 


Step 1: Remove (R1)


Step 2: Refresh (R2)

 Step 3: Renew (R3)

 You see, after 17 years of research, I created a skin care system that is not only full of the highest quality of ingredients I could find, but it is also a system that was designed to heal your face.

If you are ready to heal your skin, grab my whole healing system at a fraction of the price when you sign up for our subscription bundle.

Today, I have no real visible scars from my accident unless you look closely.  It is a miracle that I have the incredible skin that I have today, and it all started when I removed soap.

Here is to restoring a glow that gives you confidence and health from the outside in.



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