Heal Your Face

A healing skin care system that is actually

"Medicine for your Face!"

Youthful, glowing skin, isn’t just

for the young and famous, it’s for YOU!


History of Oil Cleansing

Did you know that civilizations, like the Egyptians, used olive oil with beeswax to cleanse and moisturize their bodies.

Cleopatra is known for this method, so each time you wash your face with oil you are stepping into your ROYALTY!

Does it work?

Seventeen years ago I had squash blow up in my face.  I was told by doctors that I would forever carry the scars from those burns, but through divine guidance and so much research, I came up with this "medicine for your face" skin care that not only healed my face, but has healed hundreds of other faces too!

How do I use it?

Oil cleansing is similar to washing your face with soap, but instead of washing away all of your natural oils and microbiome, you only wash away the dirt and bacteria.

This allows your skin to act as a protective barrier like it should. 


Step 1: Remove (R1)


Step 2: Refresh (R2)

 Step 3: Renew (R3)