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Shower Sanctuary Kit

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Okay Momma's, do you feel overwhelmed at times?  Do you feel like taking time for yourself is more of a dream than a reality?

I have the BEST solution created just for YOU!

I call it my shower routine.

It is all about creating a safe place to do a little checking in, do to a little self-healing, and to relax enough so that you can face all of the demands that life and family place on you.

This kit includes:

Clay Shower diffuser ($19.99 value) for adding essential oils to raise your vibration

Waterproof Shower Affirmation Cards that you just get wet and stick to your shower or mirror ($24.99 value) to help your mind make dreams a reality.

Three 5 ml bottles of oil variety pack ($34.99 value) Be Well, Autumn Spice, Let it Snow breathing blend.

Free Download of the Transformational Shower Routine ($9.99 value) *Delivered to your email upon checkout

Customer Reviews

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jennifer staten
shower sanctuary kit

I love the shower kit. My oils did leak though so my eucalyptus was half empty when it arrived, and the lavender also leaked about a quarter of the bottle out.

Hi Jennifer-
I am so glad that you are loving your kit! Sometimes the heat can cause the oils to leak through. I will send you another set of oils for free. Just keep the oils you have and I'll be sending you a few more.
I hope you continue to enjoy healing showers with your kit!


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