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What is included in the 7 weeks of coaching:

  • Herbal Cleansing Kit (12 bottles of supplements to boost your cleansing power)
  • 7 hour long zoom calls
  • Access to texting or calling as needed
  • Individual support and guidance to create a healing program suited to your individual needs and lifestyle
  • Free Detox Healing Book
  • 8 Recorded online videos to help support you through your detox
  • Access to the Facebook group to watch past trainings

Each hour long appointment will help you identify areas that need to be worked on.  I will teach you skills and give you the tools needed to work through problem areas. I will help you release energy blocks through visualization, energy work and daily habits that help you nor only reach, but be able to celebrate your goals!

I will meet with you once a week for 7 weeks.  This will allow you time to implement the things I am teaching you and allow them to become habits as we move on from week to week. 

Each meeting will be held over zoom. 

It's no secret that stress levels are at an all time high.

Many people struggle to cope with life’s demands and inadvertently develop bad lifestyle habits that affect their health.

Demands on body image, weight and health alone can cause stress and anxiety. We have never had a society that feeds us so many chemicals to cause food addictions while at the same time expecting us to be fit and healthy. The impact is overwhelm, burn out and low self esteem.

There is uncertainty on how to redress this imbalance, lead a healthier lifestyle, and disengage from bad habits. It sounds so simple, yet it can be very difficult without proper guidance and support.

This is exactly where a health coach like me can have a profound impact.

Holistic coaching examines the larger picture of the client’s life to focus on areas that require self-improvement, and it views the mind, body, and spirit as one. It does not focus on a specific desired outcome. Instead, many interrelated issues are addressed that affect poor health or are connected to health to achieve long-term results (Better Conversation, n.d.).

I have been coaching clients for 14 years.  My favorite thing to do is to help people see what is blocking them from reaching their goals.


"I have been working in the medical field for years. I have studied so many books on health, but I struggled to lose weight despite having so much information.  I knew what I needed to do to diet and exercise, but I struggled to stay motivated.  After a 30 minute session with Shell, I was able to pin point what has been stopping me from reaching my goals.  We did a visualization and I was able to release some pain I was holding on to. I have been able to stay consistent with my goals and achieve the health I had been working toward all these years. Thank you!" Alyssa S.

"I was the girl who always wanted to start again on Monday. Michelle helped me see that this was just me putting off making decisions for myself. I was afraid of doing difficult things and failing. Michelle had me do daily things that I could stay committed to and had me celebrate doing each of them before I went to bed. I noticed how I could accomplish things if I do them in small pieces that don't feel so overwhelming.  I have been able to take time to process big emotions on my own and with Michelle's help.  I am now well on my way to success everyday- no more Monday's! Thank you Michelle!"

Caroline H.


Customer Reviews

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Aubrey Evans
This Approach Works and Michelle Is An Expert- DO IT!

I am doing what I thought was impossible- and Michelle is the person with the expertise to make it happen in a way that feels emotionally and physically supportive. I am so glad I chose coaching through this process. It's been invaluable and the emotional obstacles she's helped me overcome have been huge! I look and feel better already! Don't hesitate to sign up- you can do this!

Thank you so much! It really has been an honor to work with you! I am so excited to see how you continue to heal and shine your light on all who know you.

25% Of Profits Go to Charity

Dignity for Girls is a small, yet powerful charity in South Africa that has a special place in Michelle's heart. When you support us, you are supporting the children!