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Herbal First Aid Kit

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Have you ever wished you knew just what to do when your child is running a fever and doesn't feel well without giving them medications?

What if you were camping and your child cuts a finger badly while chopping wood, or you were at a party with friends and you got a bad stomach ache from the food? Would you know what to do and have the items needed to help them?

I've got ya! My herbal first aid kit not only helps with all of these problems, but it small enough to fit in your purse!
I will teach you how to use each herb to cover about 90% of all problems that come up. Seriously! This kit is incredible!

I am currently offering you the opportunity to me teach a class for you and your friends for free!  

During the class you will not only be making your own first aid kit, but you will be learning how to use it. If you host a class you can receive your first aid kit for free! Message me to find out more.

Each Herbal First Aid Kit Comes with:

Eucalyptus Roller Bottle

Ginger Roller Bottle

Peppermint Roller Bottle

Lavender Roller Bottle

*Cayenne Pepper (40,000 hu)

*Activated Charcoal Powder

*Comfrey Powder

*Chamomile (cut flowers)

Super Glue (to glue cuts back together)



Each bottle is labeled with it's top benefits and how to use it.  This makes it quick and easy to use in a pinch.

We include a printed and laminated Herbal First Aid Basics Guide to direct you in what to do in a pinch- This comforting and informative guide comes exclusively with the Herbal First Aid Kit. It includes how each herb can be used and what to use it for. It also has a QR code that gives so much more information on each herb!

I created this Herbal First Aid kit so you will know what to do in an emergency. It can be used to treat burns, insect bites, anxiety, wounds, bleeding, stomach upset, food poisoning, colds, cramps, infections, allergies, diarrhea, toxins, shock, rashes, pain, water filtration, and many more things.  It also helps you stay stable until you are able to seek any medical attention that is needed.

Customer Reviews

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Rayette Barendregt
Perfect kit

I'm so please to have a first aid kit for natural healing. I really just want everything in one easy place and the bag keep things neat. The easy to use card is educational, handy and awesome. I love this kit!!



Just Perfect!

Arrived super fast, kit was as described, and the quality is great! I love how small it is and how easy it is to use. Especially with the reference card. Definitely recommend it! The perfect First Aid Kit! Thank you!

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