Herbal First Aid

Herbal First Aid

Healing with herbs can feel overwhelming for so many of us.  I get it!  That is why I created a first aid kit that not only includes the herbs, but it includes all of the instructions on how to use them.  

Have you ever wished you knew just what to do when your child is running a fever and doesn't feel well without giving them medications?

What if you were camping and your child cuts a finger badly while chopping wood. Would you know what to do and have the items needed to help them?

What if you were at a party with friends and you got a bad stomach ache from the food? What would you do?

I've got ya! My herbal first aid kit not only solves all of these problems, but it small enough to fit in your purse!
I will teach you how to use each herb to cover about 90% of all problems that come up. Seriously! This kit is incredible!

Now you will be prepared for unexpected circumstances.

I love teaching classes on herbal first aid. This is one of my favorite classes to teach because I share how you can use 8 herbs to help with about 90% of all medical needs in the home! Plus, I have these herbs in a kit that can easily fit in your purse. It is pretty cool.

I am also excited to share how the most important "first aid" will be the healing you give to yourself. I created the most life-changing routine that transforms stressed out moms that just don't feel like themselves anymore (and we all know that the peanut butter in their hair isn't helping anyone), to women who radiate confidence, who find joy in motherhood, and who can stand strong emotionally when life get's difficult. Plus, it takes no additional time out of your day. Don't you love that we get to help people find who they are once again? You can find more about this here.

Here is a list of my 8 favorite herbs for first aid. You will be blown away by all that these herbs can do to help you heal!

Now you are ready to take care of your family at home!  Please leave a comment if you have any questions.



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