Transformational Shower Routine

shower routine

Having children is a miraculous experience but in the process of raising and loving your little ones have you forgotten to love and take care of yourself?

For me, it was 5 years ago that I found myself depressed and hating my body after I had my 4th baby. At this point, I had been a Master Herbalist and Natural Healer for over 10 years, and I knew all of the natural protocols for depression, but I couldn't pull myself from the darkness. 

I found myself crying in the shower daily because the shower was the only place I could be alone.

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The shower also became a place where I could BREATHE again.

You see, I created an essential oil diffuser for the shower to help my son breathe better when he got a cold, but I started adding oil to the diffuser because I needed a way to breathe through the stresses of life.

As I started "breathing" again I was not only able to heal, but I was able to find strength and joy once again as a woman, as a wife and as a mother. I was able to find ME by using my shower routine as a TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING SANCTUARY!

A Healing Space

Are you ready to reclaim your health and find YOU again by taking all of the feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm and transforming them into feelings of acceptance, confidence, self-love and forgiveness?

And as you adopt this routine you will learn to show up as the wife and mother you have always wanted to be!

So, here I am, your holistic health coach and light guide helping you see that the simplest way to self-love and reclaim your power is by adopting this Transformational Shower Routine Experience.

The best part is that you can learn how to transform a shower into a Healing Sanctuary and healing space for FREE! Just click on this link to download steps you can do each day to take you from exhausted to vibrant.

Shower Routine Download

You can customize your healing space and shower routine by purchasing your own Transformational Shower Experience. The kit contains your shower diffuser, a hangable laminated shower routine card, and your preferred essential oil.

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