Herbal First Aid Kit Series | Cayenne

Herbal First Aid Kit Series | Cayenne

Herbal first aid kit cayenne pepper

Welcome to the Herbal First Aid Kit series! Here, we’ll talk about different herbs and how they can help you in a first aid setting. All the herbs I mention in this series can be found in my Herbal First Aid Kit. Today we’re going to talk about cayenne pepper.


Herbal first aid kit uses for cayenne pepper

Everyone who knows me, knows my all time favorite herb is cayenne. Cayenne pepper would be the thing that I carry everywhere. In this first aid kit I have two different styles of cayenne. I sometimes 

I’ve been drinking it for 15 years almost daily and I can honestly say I love it. I look forward to that little burn. I now drink 90 thousand scoville units but in my first aid kits I use forty thousand scoville units. That’s because it’s a good amount for most people, especially kids, who don’t like it hotter. But if you can tolerate it, it gets a little heat in. It’s so good. 

One thing that I recommend with taking herbs like this especially in a first aid setting, is to make sure it goes through your throat. I’ve had people try to take cayenne pills and some of the other things in a pill form for first aid, and it just doesn’t work. We need to feel it in our throat and get it working immediately in the blood. So if I recommend drinking it for something, use the powdered form. 

My favorite reason why I keep cayenne pepper in my first aid kit is it stops a heart attack. You have to use a bunch of it. I would use a couple tablespoons, mix it in water and have them drink it and you might have to do it a couple of times, but it literally has stopped multiple heart attacks, and that comes from medical literature.  

The other big thing that it can help with first aid is cayenne can stop shock. A lot of time in a first aid setting people come in and they die more from shock than the wound itself because the body just panics. So if you can stop the bleeding with cayenne and get them to calm down from shock with that you know you have a better chance at helping them heal. 

If someone has a wound and they will not drink cayenne then you can put it on the skin. You make a fomentation which is basically putting the pepper in some hot water and putting that on the cloth and allowing it to sit on the skin. That can absorb really well.

Cayenne pepper has been used for years and years for frostbite. You don’t want to rub to warm up the skin that’s frozen because that can cause a lot of damage. If you’re out in the cold and get really cold feet you can sprinkle a little cayenne pepper in your socks and it will actually help heat up your toes. For frostbite you put the fomentation onto the skin by putting the pepper in some hot water and putting that on the cloth and allowing it to sit on the skin. It will heat up the body on its own and that has helped save tons of limbs and toes and fingers because of frostbite.

A lot of people worry about it coming in on one end and coming out the other. As long as you start small you don’t get the burn in the anal area. In an emergency though, I wouldn’t worry about it. I would just give a tablespoon to start out if they’re an adult and a teaspoon for a child. 

It really is amazing if you get migraines or any type of headache. A lot of people think you want more of a pain reliever, but you want to get that blood moving which is why it’s so good with a headache. 

It does actually help with digestion if you get heartburn or acid reflux or ulcers. It’s really good to help heal all of those. A lot of people think that’s the opposite, but we want to get those digestive enzymes working better and cayenne pepper will help that. 

It’s also antibacterial and antifungal. So if you do have a wound and you can’t fully clean it out it’s actually really good at making sure you don’t have any problems with an infection.

Lots of people use it for weight loss. It does help increase the body temperature and that increases metabolism so it can help with weight loss. 

It’s also really good for toothaches. If your children will handle it, a lot of times they won’t, but if they do, put a little oil on a cotton swab and you can put that directly on a tooth and it will help with that. 

cayenne pepper in first aid

Just a few weeks ago my son cut his finger. He was standing in the bathroom and my husband had just broken a little glass piggy bank that we have and my son went to pick it up and it sliced his finger. He sliced it pretty well and I went to get my first aid kit in the other room and I heard this big BOOM. My son had gone down and he hit his head against the wall and I knew he was in shock. He was pale by the time I made it back. I had him drink some of the cayenne pepper and I sprinkled the cayenne pepper all over the wound. You don’t have to do anything as far as cleaning up or anything, just sprinkle the cayenne pepper right on.

A lot of people asked us if it burned. It actually doesn’t! Cayenne pepper actually feels soothing when you put it on. Remember, our bodies are in shock and cayenne pepper counteracts the pain. 

I know with labor, I’ve been with women that are going through a lot of pain with labor. If you give them cayenne pepper to drink, it helps balance the external pain with like soothing internally. 

We were in Mexico and my sweet little three year old daughter slipped and hit her eyebrow on a bench. It’s always a worry to deal with young kids and trauma and cayenne pepper near your eyes. Some people have actually put cayenne pepper in their eyes to show it can be healing. But it does burn. So I was able to run her up to the room. I poured the cayenne pepper all over the cut. It was a really big wound but when the medics came they didn’t have anything to help her. The only thing they could do is take her to the hospital and that would be really expensive. So I had my husband run across the street and get some superglue and a butterfly bandage. She was totally fine, the next day she was able to swim and we didn’t have any problems and it held up really nicely. 


That’s how to use peppermint and comfrey in a first aid setting. If you would like to have these herbs in your first aid kit, go ahead and head over to our store and look for our Herbal First Aid Kit! It’s a great way to care for you and your friends and family in a first aid setting in a holistic and natural way.

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