How your WORDS affect your whole BODY!

How your WORDS affect your whole BODY!

The Power of Your Words

We all know the power that our words carry. Each word thought or spoken carries its own energy. If you think a negative thought, that thought is not only going to lower your vibration, but it is going to change the chemistry of your body. Negative thoughts are acidic to your body. They make your blood sticky and thick, they decrease your ability to think clearly and receive inspiration, they decrease the function of your organs.

Most of the time we don’t even realize that we are thinking negative thoughts- they become ingrained in our patterns.

Your body is a temple, and everything you bring into it should be the best of the best. Everything you chose to bring into your body should fill you with joy and make you feel alive. If it doesn’t carry this energy then you are probably using it to numb yourself or to hurt yourself at a core level.

Start using your energy and your words to bring into your life the things that spark joy. If you eat a salad, eat it because you love and nourish your body with live, healing foods. If you eat a pizza, eat every bite with an attitude of celebrating the flavors that make you happy. If you eat pizza with guilt and shame over the weight you will gain, or the bloated tummy you will have, you are not eating it with joy.

Here are some examples of words you can use to heal your energy and your body.


Healing Words

  • I eat food that heals my body and brings me joy.
  • Food is energy. I eat food that renews my body and fuels my spirit.
  • I value my body enough to fuel it with only the best sources of energy.
  • Each bite of food I take brings me joy.
  • I am taking these supplements because I believe in the power they have to heal my ________.
  • Eating is a delightful experience.
  • I look forward to opportunities to heal my body with food.
  • Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food.
  • Food gives life.  I eat food knowing that I am replenishing and renewing my life.
  • I chose to eat food that nourishes and heals my body.
  • I am full of gratitude and joy with each bit of food I take.
  • I believe in the power my body has to convert food into energy
  • As I shift the energy of the food I bring into my body, all foods can be for my good.
  • I believe in the power of my body to use the food I consume in a way that will be healing to my body.

In the end, your greatest power to heal yourself lies in the thoughts you think and the words that you say. It really is about pushing through the hard and healing HAPPY.

I teach you how to use your words to heal as we go through a detox.  If you are interested in changing your health and your life, consider joining the group detox as we detox your entire body, or the 3 day detox to supercharge your health.

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