Natural Healing Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss

Natural Healing Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips and Inspiration

What if the next year could be the best year of your life?

What if you woke up each morning feeling strong and healthy?  What if you were at your ideal weight? What if you had the energy to show up for everyone and everything in the way that you wanted to?

I used to wake up each day feeling hopeless because it was another day that I felt fat, tired, and had way too much to do, but no energy to do it. I tried so many ways to get healthy.  I hired personal trainers, I spoke to nutritionists, I tried so many diets- so many diets, but no results. I LITERALLY HAD NO RESULTS! I put myself into a deep depression over thoughts of hopelessness. I once ate only apples for a week and didn’t loose a single pound! I always ended up feeling frustrated.  I gave up hope that I could have the body and health that I was dreaming of.

I had a moment of clarity after doing research on MINDSET. You see, if weight loss was only about food and exercise, then we would all be able to do the same thing and get the same results.

What you eat and how much you exercise are very important, but weight loss is far more about mindset than about calories!

So, what can you today to release the extra weight and start living the life of your dreams?

  1. Create a vision board. Put pictures AND words to help you create a vision of what you really want. Create it in a way that allows you to be in the feeling of your goal every time you look at your vision board.
  2. Create an A.M./P.M. routine. Write down 3-5 things you promise yourself that you will do every morning and every evening. Stick to it no matter what!  Keep it simple!  Write things like “I will drink a glass of lemon water every morning”, or “write 3 gratitude statements before bed”. Keep these commitments to yourself each day no matter what! Once you complete each commitment, CELEBRATE! You did it! Learn to focus on the good you do each day far more than the things you didn’t do. Learn to be in the mindset of celebrating yourself.
  3. Get a friend to support you. Having a friend with similar goals and plans can help you achieve double the weight loss than you would get by doing it alone.
  4. Create a vision of the life you want to live. This is where you get to be creative and write a story of the life you want to live. Create a vision on paper of every detail you can add to help you get into the vision of that experience.  What would you look like? How does your body feel? Are you happy? What are you smelling? What are you doing? Create the vision with all of the details that will allow you to feel as if you are living that life.  Read this story daily to help you stay committed to your goals. When your dream is big enough, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.
  5. Focus on Whole Foods. What you eat is huge! I recommend a diet that takes away any inflammation.  Anything that contains whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is healing for most people. Write down your food. Be accountable to yourself for what you eat!
  6. Receive Food with JOY! Do you know that sending gratitude and love to food or water, can actually change it’s structure! Shame or guilt will change the energy in a negative way, so try eating or drinking in gratitude.  Eating in gratitude allows the structure of the food to change in a way that your body can use it for good- even unhealthy foods!  Try praying over your food, holding it up to your heart for a few heart beats, or just say the words “thank you” before taking it into your body.
  7. Create an exercise routine that you will do each day! Even if you only do 3 cat/cows, create a plan that you can commit to each day. I recommend jumping on a mini trampoline, going for a walk or doing yoga. It doesn’t have to be difficult.  Getting it done is far better than an hour at the gym that you plan each day, but never do.
  8. Try Dry Brushing- Dry brushing not only helps your skin to glow, but it can help reduce cellulite. It also helps to clear out the lymphatic system. Having a clear lymphatic system helps you to easily remove toxins, and removing toxins allows you to reduce inflammation so you can heal. Try brushing your face and body.
  9. Reduce Inflammation. I created a program that not only helps you lose weight, but it allows you to clean your body out in the right way so that you can fully absorb and benefit from the good things you are doing to help your body. If your body is full of toxic waste, it is going to be much more difficult to release weight.  We clean out the bowels, kidneys, liver/gallbladder, blood, and lymphatic systems.  This cleans out the garbage and frees up energy so you can start living your best life! Find out more here:
  10. Try Natural Supplements: Christopher's Weight Loss Formulas aids the kidneys in relieving excess fluids, supports the body for relief from nervous tension generally caused by diets, appeases the appetite, nourishes the thyroid and thus helps you maintain a healthy weight. You can read more here:

Remember, who is trying to emerge is more important that what is externally accomplished.

The end goal REQUIRES YOU TO CHANGE! Don’t forget this as we work through blocks that arise.  Your purpose is to emerge as if you are a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon. You were never fully meant to stay a caterpillar; you are meant to fly as a butterfly!

“You don’t have to wait for things to get better; you’re not at the whim of some external power or circumstance, because it’s always within your power to choose another station (think of a radio that has the ability to tune in to the station you choose). God has done his work, it is complete. The music is broadcasting. But you must be tuned in to receive it. That is why so many prayers go unanswered, so many affirmations fall flat, and so many practices fail- or make things worse. People are doing all these things to get something they don’t think they have- and by the very law they’re setting in motion, it must reflect back more lack, limitation, and separation. This is one of the greatest secrets. You are already in Heaven- whole, complete, and abundant- but you must cultivate the conditions congruent with that truth in order to experience it! Derek Rydall


Your job is now to make the “something” which is already happening, welcome!

I am here to help you reclaim your power. This will allow you to plan as if you are doing the work, but to live as if God is.

This will require commitment, not just interest. Remember, the ego’s agenda is to keep you the same while giving you the false illusion that you’re growing- or that you can’t grow- so there’s a natural resistance that comes up when you get serious about change.

“You may be afraid to commit your vision to paper. After all, what if it’s too big and you’re not ready for it? If it’s a real vision, it is too big and you aren’t ready for it- because the purpose of a vision (and it’s component goals” is to cause more of you to emerge. A real vision is beyond your present paradigm, so it will, by definition, feel bigger than you- just like becoming an oak would feel impossible to the acorn. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll commit to it and it’ll change. If it’s a real vision, it will change. (Or more accurately, your awareness of it will grow; the vision itself is an infinite, perfect, changeless pattern that becomes progressively clearer as you awaken.) You can’t always see what’s to come, because it’s never happened before; it’s beyond your imagination. Even if the caterpillar could imagine what it’s like to be a butterfly, it wouldn’t actually know because it has never left the ground.” Derek Rydall


If your affirmation for the mirror is “I am a powerful, healthy, thin, and confident person!” you could change it to say, “You [name], are a powerful, healthy, thin, confident person!” This means that you can say it now as “[Your name] is a powerful, healthy, thin, confident person!” Say this while looking into your eyes and get into the feeling of it. Ask yourself “From this energy, what am I called to release or embrace to step more fully into my vision?” Listen. Keep asking until you get something specific.

I want you to come up with 4 lists:

  • I have
  • I can/I am able
  • I have achieved/successes
  • I am grateful for

I think of everything you CAN do, and what you already DO have. 

If you are ready for CHANGE, please reach out if you have any questions.  I am here to help.  Email me at if you want to know more about my programs and how I can help you start living the life of your dreams. You really can life the life that you are dreaming of!



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