Michelle Gilbert, The Healing Happy Method

Hi, I'm Michelle

Also known as Shell. I'm a Master herbalist, Wellness Coach, Author, Speaker, and Iridologist and I have one question for you. Are you ready for the happiest wellness adventure of your life?

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I coach health conscious moms as they physically and mentally heal through cleansing and nourishing their bodies

What is the Healing Happy Method?

A healing journey is full of up's, down's, bumps and walls. It can be full of difficulties, but it can also be HAPPY!

Here is what your journey will look like:

  • H-Habits. We focus on changing habits that are not serving you.
  • E-Emotions. We dive deep into trama and trapped emotions.
  • A-Ability. You have the power to change. I'm here to help you find that power.
  • L-Lasting. As you make lasting changes, you can have lasting results.

  • Woman outline with leaves on the right side

    Step 1- Create Healthy Habits

    If you feel that you lost yourself as you raised your family, let's reclaim your HEALTH and CONFIDENCE in who you are as a woman!

    Learn the Simple Habit that will Change Your Life 
  • Preventing Inflammation icon

    Step 2-Detox

    Inflammation is the root cause of most problems. I created a systematic detox that reduces inflammation and allows your body to heal.

    Restore Your Health 
  • Consultation

    Step 3-Mindset

    If you have been working on the same goal for years, but you have yet to achieve it, I want to help. I dive deep with you into trauma and mindset.

    Let's Discuss your Challenges and Goals 
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  • Shower Diffuser

    Life can feel overwhelming, but learning how to handle stress right in the comfort of your own home is invlauable! Learn my shower routine here:

    Shower Diffuser Routine 
  • Herbal First Aid Kit

    Are you prepared to take care of your family if accidents happen? Our herbal first aid kits help you take care of 90% of all accidents that happen at home. They are that good!

    First Aid Kits here: 
  • Natural, Organic Skin Care

    Your skin is your largest organ. You don't have to use multiple products with lots of chemicals to get the results you are looking for. If you want that natural glow, start here:

    Organic Skin Care 

Not Feeling Well? Let's chat about Inflammation

Inflammation is the beginning of most health conditions. I created a systematic detox that cleanses your body from your bowels to your blood as you remove toxins and start nourishing your body. This program is for you if you're struggling with:

  • achy joints, arthritis or muscle pain
  • brain fog, fatigue, headaches
  • allergies or asthma
  • autoimmune diseases, migranes and acne
  • irritable bowl and reflux
  • struggle to lose weight
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Happy Healing Method Shower Routine

Download my free shower protocol. It's such a simple and loving way to honor simple day-to-day efforts by checking in with yourself and releasing stress. Watch the video below to see the story behind the Happy Healing Method Shower Routine.

What is a Wellness Coach?

If you want to build a positive and lasting lifestyle change then this is the adventure for you. As you r health coach we will work on building confidence and self-awareness, managing and relieving stress, setting healty sleep patterns, improving nutrition and creating healthy habits.

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